We believe that tattoos are part of a lifestyle and our team of highly skilled Hawaii Tattoo Artists work one-on-one with our customers to create specific designs to meet the needs of each unique individual. Whether you’ve had countless tattoos or are a tattoo newbie we want our clients to feel comfortable, happy, and excited to come to our Hawaii Tattoo shop providing a clean and inviting environment for all. All of our consults are free. Click below to meet with one of our Hawaii Tattoo Artists to begin designing your custom tattoo.


“I eat, sleep and breathe tattoos. Full-time, never part-time.”

Specializing in black and grey Realism tattoos for more than 17 years.

Fun Facts: Jay is a single father of two, a dog lover, and has lived in California and Hawaii most of his life. 


“Tattooing is easy. Delivering good, original tattoos is the challenge.”

Specializing in Polynesian, Japanese and black and grey tattoos for more than 10 years.

Fun Facts: Family First! Chev enjoys combat sports and is originally from Hilo, Hawaii.

Chris G.

“I’m an artist at heart and ever since I picked up a machine, tattooing has been the thing I look forward to everyday.”

Specializing in color lettering, dot work, Japanese, traditional, neo-traditional and black and grey tattoos for more than 7 years.

Fun Facts: Chris is a former U.S. Marine, a traveler and a dog-lover originally from Pittsburgh, PA and Las Vegas, NV.


“Tattooing is music on your skin and each is a different song.”

Specializing in Polynesian and black and grey tattoos for over 5 years.

Fun Facts: A lefty living in a right-handed world. Sammy is all about his family and loved ones and is originally from Tacoma, WA.


“Sharing what I love to do, create to inspire. Hungry but humble.”

Specializing in Polynesian tattoos with more than 4 years of experience.

Fun Facts: Oahu local, born and raised. Des enjoys spending time with his family and the beach.


“Tattooing is fun. Seeing how someone reacts to what you put on them is such a joy.”

Specializing in Polynesian tattoos with nearly 3 years of experience.

Fun Facts: Mino is a former U.S. Marine, originally from Ebeye, Marshall Islands. Mino loves smiling and laughing and being a Chess Club President.

Chris C.


Specializing in lettering, free-hand, custom art, mandala and black and grey tattoos. Apprenticed under Jay “Imortalines” with nearly 2 years of experience.

Fun Facts: Born and raised Oahu local and loves spending time at the beach.